Curriculum vitae, Lára Stefánsdóttir

Current employment:
2010 -2015: Menntaskólinn á Tröllaskaga : Principal

Current community work:
Fjarskiptasjóđur: Vice chairman of the board. (2007- )

2010: Hole to Home, Jónas Viđar Gallerý, Akureyri
2008: Stađurinn, Akureyri: The Folk and the Flow.
2008: Fjöruhúsiđ, Hellnum: Snćfellsnes. With Helga Kvam.
2008: Nostrum Design, Skólavörđustíg 1, Reykjavík: Frost.
2008: Marína, Strandgötu, Akureyri: Various. With Helga Kvam.
2007: Stađurinn, Akureyri: Harvest.
2007: Group exhibition, Bakkatún 20, Akranes: Roads.
2007: Á nćstu grösum, Reykjavík: Harvest.
2006: Group exhibition, Bakkatún 20, Akranes: Photography and installations.


2009: Academy of Art University, San Francisco MFA Photography. Final thesis Hole to Home, Geothermal Energy in Northern Iceland

2003: Iceland University of Education - M.Ed.  Research on laptop use in a Senior High School

1992: The University of Iceland - Pedagogy and education for upper secondary school teacher diploma

1992: Institute of Education University of London - Certificate in Online Education and Training

1989: The Computer College (TVÍ), computer science, (Developed to be the Reykjavik University)

1985: The Cooperative College, Secondary exam (stúdentspróf)


2009-2010: Self employed at Lára Stefánsdóttir ehf.
2007-2009: Studying photography (MFA) at Academy of Art University
2003-2007: Ţekking computer company and it's daughter companies Stefna and Ţekking computer school, varous responsibilities, mainly consultation and project director.

2002- : Established own company Lára Stefánsdóttir ehf, various projects.

1998-2002: Akureyri Junior School Head of ICT department and teacher. In 1999 the school was selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research as one of three pilot schools developing IT into education, leading that project in the school.

1995-1998: Self employed, consulting, teaching. Studying. Examples of work: 1992-1995:

1989-1992: Teacher and head of ICT department at The Comprehensive College at Ármúli

1987-1988: Axel software, programming for school grades, attendances, etc.

1986-1987: Microtolvan, programming commercial software, servicing customers.

1977-1985: Import manager for the Association of Electrical Contractors in Iceland, importing electrical material.

Community work

2007-2010: Fjarskiptaráđ: Chairman of the board.

2008-2010: Akureyri School District Council: Board member

2008-2010: Kidlink Society: Chairman of the board. 2005-2009: Board of The Social Democratic Alliance Party at Akureyri.
2003-2009: First Parliament alternate of the Northeastern constituency for The Social Democratic Alliance Party (Samfylkingin)

2007-2009: Energy Agency in Iceland: Chairman of the board.

2007-2008: Prime Ministry of Iceland, The committee in charge of formulating this new Policy on the Information Society - Iceland the e-Nation 2007-2008: Board of The Nordic Association at Akureyri.
2005-2007: Board member of The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service - RUV
1992-2010: Kidlink Further information at my honor page.
1988-1994 and 2002-2005: Chairmain of 3-F The Association of ICT and Education in Iceland.

Johanna Leopoldsdottir (editor). 2007. Vinaslod. Published by authors. Reykjavik. Iceland. (Book on photographs and poetry. All photographs made by Lara Stefansdottir and poetry by Gisli Gislason).
Odd de Presno, Lars H. Andersen, Lara Stefansdottir, 1995, Netheimar, Published by authors. Reykjavik. Iceland. (Icelandic)

Talks and consultation: at conferences or meetings on various subjects such as ICT in Education, On-line distance education, Kidlink, develop in Iceland as well as in: Aaland islands, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Faeroe islands, Jordan, Norway, Peru, Puerto Rico, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, UK, USA. Further information in my papers

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